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Bankruptcy Attorney

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Brian D Johnson has helped Salt Lake area bankruptcy clients get out of debt as cheaply as possible. He continues to offer the most reasonable and inexpensive attorney fees whether you choose Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Start resolving your debt issues today, bankruptcy laws were created to protect you and give you the help you need.


Divorce Lawyer

Salt Lake Valley Divorce Law Firm

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Dealing with marriage and family legal issues can often be the most stressful times. Not only does it require large amounts of time and money, but you’re having to deal with the most intimate and personal areas of your life in court. This is why you need an experienced Midvale divorce attorney that is driven to succeed for you while being compassionate and sensitive to your needs.


Bankruptcy Service

Your Midvale Go To For Bankruptcy Help


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Call the experienced bankruptcy attorney that provides legal options for financially difficult times. For over 25 years, we have worked diligently and successfully to provide legal assistance to Utahns in need.  Knowledge and understanding of bankruptcy code help get you the relief you need from mounds of debt and an overwhelming amount of bills.

Divorce Service

Midvale Divorce Attorney You Can Trust

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Divorce brings a wide array of emotions and feelings. Many people are overcome with fear of the unknown. Having a professional you can talk to, and get information on the process and what to expect can really help calm that fear.  Our experienced divorce attorneys evaluate your situation and lead you to make informed decisions. Our caring staff begins with a consultation, to learn about your family and relationship. This helps to carry out the customized process to fit your individual needs.


Midvale, UT

At the point when the pioneer pilgrims touched base in the Utah Valley, they saw the wealth of chances the land brought to the table. The Mormon pioneers started to rely upon the land and perceived the extravagance they found. They saw the flooding rivers and waterways and the completely open valley and saw the potential for lavish farming area and fields. They inevitably found the concealed minerals and metals that would the valley deliver developing networks in the territory of exchange and industry. The city of Midvale started to take shape once this happened. The western portion of the city was first created as mining and processing region and the eastern half was framed as horticulture ranches and neighborhoods.

The Old Town zone of Midvale started at first as a focal point of industry and mining. The area known as Midvale bloomed amid the 1870’s because of the mining occurring in Bingham Canyon and furthermore the making of the railroad. It was at first called Bingham Junction and was a critical midpoint for the rail between mining in Bingham Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon. At the point when excavators found silver in the Little Cottonwood Canyon and Bingham Canyon, individuals from all around heard the news and rushed to be a piece of the immense mining blast in the Salt Lake Valley, and particularly Midvale. Once the mining business lighted, so did the ascent of lodgings, motel, cantinas, and schools. The entire mining blast made the flourishing new city of Midvale.


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