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As Utah’s Premier Bankruptcy Firm‎, we offer individualized plans that meet your financial needs. As a bankruptcy law firm, we are understanding of your current financial situation. Consequently, bankruptcy is not an easy process but we make it as comfortable as possible.

Divorce Lawyer

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Our Divorce Lawyer is an expert in Fathers rights, splitting of the assets, family Law, separation of assets, allocation of assets, and much more. More importantly, if you are in need of a good divorce attorney, Call BDJ express Law today! 



Family Law Attorney

Trust Utah’s Top Rated Attorney for Family Law

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Our Law firm has the determination to win. Rely on the law office of Brian D. Johnson when you need to fight for your rights as a parent. We continue to win custody battles and help resolve family issues. Furthermore, you can count on our family law office because of our experience. Above all, we provide expert advice for annulments, representation in divorce, guardianships, child support, and other family law matters. 


Bankruptcy Service

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First of all, I must say filing bankruptcy is not a tragic ending but a new beginning. Because of our great experience with many bankruptcy cases, we are a great asset during tough financial times. As a result, our Lawyers help clients get a fresh start without the burden of excessive debt. Consequently, we offer debt relief solutions that are designed to accommodate all circumstances of your situation. Above all, you will be free of notices for past due bills, financial stress, and debt collectors.


Civil Law Attorney

Attorney to Help Resolve Disputes

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We tailor our firm to handle issues relating to your family. Our family law attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients in family law. As a result, we have the necessary skill of leveraging with years of experience. More importantly, our attorneys do everything in their power to achieve success.

Ogden, Utah

The city of Ogden is a city just north of Salt Lake City in the state of Utah. It is a gateway to the many ski resorts in the area like Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and Nordic Valley. The city of Ogden was originally named Fort Buenaventura. Ogden was the first permanent area settled by Europeans in Utah. It was established by Miles Goodyear in 1846, who was a trapper. The first established area was about a mile west of where downtown Ogden is now located.

The city was nicknamed Junction City in the early 1900s. Ogden was a point of change between the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railroads. Generally, over 100 trains stopped at Ogden’s Union Station every day. These passenger trains were filled with people traveling every direction possible. In its day, Ogden had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the United States. The railroad and the stockyards brought captains, servicemen, U. S Presidents, and even celebrities.

Ogden is filled with beautiful trees and is nestled along the mountains. The historic downtown 25th Street is currently a hub for restaurants and shopping centers with little boutiques and trendy stores. Because it is centered at the street’s western end of Ogden Union Station houses, there are museums, train tours, cars and cowboy history. Most definitely Ogden is a college town which is a hub for all walks of life. Likewise, the city of Ogden has a rich history and wide range of activities, making it a popular place to live and many people call it their home.  


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