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Brian D Johnson – Bankruptcy Attorney

Brian D. Johnson, Managing Attorney

Brian D. Johnson has nearly 20 years of experience helping people learn about and file for bankruptcy. He graduated cum laude from California State University and has a Juris Doctor from the University of Maine. Brian is a member of the Utah bar and is licensed to work in all State and Federal courts in the state of Utah. Also, he has been a guest lecturer concerning bankruptcy and divorce for both the American Bankruptcy Institute and the National Business Institute.

Despite Brian’s success, his passion is, and always has been, to help people get through difficult times in their lives. His clients are members of the local community, and as such he makes sure to know his clients well and is determined to bring his best for each of them.

What we can do to help you

If you are like many of our clients, you are financially in over your head, whether because of high mortgage payments, credit card bills, or medical bills. You have also been doing everything you can to honor these debts, even to your own detriment. Even after all of this self-sacrifice, you can still only make minimum payments without ever improving your situation, all while getting harassed day and night by collectors.

At the law office of Brian D. Johnson, we help people take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy protection to reboot, rebuild, and regain their lives. We help people find solutions to escape overwhelming debt and get back on track. When you work with our firm, you work directly with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will be there to answer all of your questions and guide you through all phases of your case.

You have options. You have rights. You have the choice to take back control of your financial future. Contact us today for a free consultation. Even if you aren’t considering bankruptcy, you are more than welcome to contact us and learn about alternatives.

Bankruptcy Myths and Facts

A lot of people refuse to file for bankruptcy when they should because of misleading or false information they’ve received from friends, family, or the media about bankruptcy. This usually prevents them from seeking a professional bankruptcy attorney who can aid them in understanding how bankruptcy can alleviate their situation.

  1. Will I lose my house, car, pension, IRA, or 401(k) if I file for bankruptcy?
    If you are current on your mortgage payments and there is no equity in your home, then usually you can keep your home when you file for bankruptcy. However, if you are behind on your mortgage payments, then Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be available to help you catch up on payments and keep your home.
  2. Will I lose my job or have trouble finding one after filing bankruptcy?
    Generally, employers will not find out about the bankruptcy unless you choose to tell them. Either way, employers are not allowed to fire or refuse to hire someone, or take other adverse action, for filing bankruptcy.
  3. Will my credit be ruined for the next 10 years if I file for bankruptcy?
    Although a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can legally remain on your credit report for 10 years, this does not mean that your credit will be ruined for the next 10 years. Many people are able to get their credit scores to good levels after only 3 years.
  4. Will bankruptcy hurt my spouse’s credit?
    When one spouse files for bankruptcy protection, his or her spouse’s credit is not affected.
  5. If I file for bankruptcy and get a discharge, will I have to make payments in the future?
    If you provided an accurate and non-fraudulent bankruptcy petition, then creditors cannot seek to collect on any debts that were discharged in the bankruptcy case once the case is closed.
  6. Will I be able to obtain credit after I file?
    Most people have no problem obtaining credit cards after filing for bankruptcy. In fact, there is an industry that caters to extending credit to people who have filed for bankruptcy.
  7. Is it unethical or immoral to file for bankruptcy?
    Federal bankruptcy law was created specifically to help people who cannot afford to pay their debts. There is nothing unethical or immoral about using federally established law to legally eliminate your debts. Instead, it demonstrates strong character that you are willing to take action to resolve your financial situation.
  8. Will I be able to purchase a home if I file for bankruptcy?
    Most individuals who have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are able to qualify for a home loan after 3-4 years. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have to seek the permission of the court if the bankruptcy case is still pending.
  9. I recently moved to Utah, so do I have to file for bankruptcy in the state I moved from?
    Federal venue rules allow you to file for bankruptcy where you have resided for the greater part of the 180 days prior to filing for bankruptcy. This means that you can have resided in Utah for as little as 91 days before filing for bankruptcy in Utah.

Client testimonials

“It was important for me to find an affordable bankruptcy attorney that knew what s/he was talking about and how to get the job done accurately. Honestly, I can say that Brian Johnson was an amazing bankruptcy attorney and met all of my needs. I’d highly recommend them for anyone seeking counsel about filing for bankruptcy.”
B.P., (Ogden, UT)

“Brian Johnson has my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for his work in settling my debts with such amazing results. His knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and kindness brought an end to a particularly nerve wracking part of my life.

At first, I was unsure of my financial future and more than a little depressed. Yet, thanks to this wonderful man and his positive enthusiasm, I was able to climb out of debt at an expeditious rate with as little pain as possible. Thanks to him and his words of encouragement, I have a newfound strength to live my life to the fullest and fully lay claim to an ever growing focus on my health and career.”

T.E., (Draper, UT)

How Bankruptcy Can Help You

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to allow you to keep all of your property and to consolidate some portion of your debt into a payment you can afford based on your ability to pay. It allows you to cure delinquent mortgage payments over time while allowing you to keep your home. In many cases, Chapter 13 allows you to lock down secured obligations like car loans and furniture accounts, meaning you would only have to pay the value of the property you financed instead of the entire loan. Chapter 13 also allows you to pay child support and back taxes in reasonable monthly payments while stopping garnishments and levies. Basically, Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to pay what you can afford to pay while discharging what you cannot afford to pay. This is accomplished through a monthly payment plan that consolidates all of your debt, except ongoing mortgage payments, into one payment.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to get you a fresh start. You make a list of all your possessions and another list of everyone you own money. If you own anything valuable, the court checks to see whether that property is exempt, meaning the court cannot touch it. If it is not exempt, then the court can sell it and give the proceeds to your creditors. In exchange, the court discharges, or forgives, all of your dischargeable debts completely.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy concerns businesses and retains many of the features present in most other bankruptcy proceedings. It is designed to allow a business debtor to remain in control of his business operations as a debtor in possession.

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"Brian and his team made my bankruptcy a quick and easy process. I receieved clear explanations on everything that was taking place and always felt like I was being taken care of. Thanks again for all your help!"

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